We offer a wide range of treatments, covering all aspects of dentistry. This page has a full list of available dental services, our fees, payment information and details of our NHS dental service. For detailed information about some of our treatments, see the advice section.

Available dental care

Treatments including specialised treatments
  • Dental implants
  • Full range of restorative dental treatment including fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures
  • Cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry using porcelain, composites and tooth whitening
  • Orthodontics (removable braces only)
  • Fissure sealants and fluoride treatment
  • Oral hygiene treatment including scaling, polishing, gum treatment and general advice
  • Oral cancer screening especially for those who smoke tobacco and have high alcohol consumption
  • Special attention to gum disease (periodonitis) in diabetics, and those with a family history of gum problems
  • Full mouth rehabilitation and reconstruction for the broken down dentition
  • Oral surgery and x-ray scanning for jaw abnormalities, cysts, buried teeth and tumours
Treatments for children
  • Complete range of children’s treatment
Other services
  • Intravenous sedation for very nervous and needlephobic patients
  • Special attention for patients who are chronically ill
  • We can also give advice on orofacial aesthetics, e.g. rhinoplasty (nose reduction), face lifts, moles and any other cosmetics in liaison with a consultant oral-facial surgeon
  • Arabic, Spanish and French translation available
Dental practice facilities
  • Wheelchair access to ground floor surgeries
  • Accessible toilet

We have excellent referral access to local specialist services at the London’s main teaching dental hospitals at King’s College Hospital, Guy’s Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospital.

Medical information form

If your dentist has asked you to complete a medical information form, download it here:

Medical Information Form

Private Treatment Fees

Private Fees:

New patient exam: £60.00
Emergency assessment: £60.00
Recall exam <24 months since last visit: £44.00



Small X-rays (each) £16.00
1/2 OPG £50.00
Full OPG £55.00
Full CBCT £339.00
Single arch CBCT £150.00
Sectional CBCT £100.00


Oral Hygiene and Gum Treatment:

Simple Scaling: £78.00
Prolonged scaling: £99.00


Amalgam fillings:

One surface: £85.00
Two surface: £108.00
Three or more surfaces: £143.00
Temporary filling: £43.00


Composite (white) FIllings:

One surface: £78.00
Two surfaces: £108.00
Three surfaces: £158.00
Front teeth: POA


Root Canal Treatment:

Anterior tooth (incisor/canine) £459.00
Premolar tooth £575.00
Molar tooth: £678.00
All include x-rays and core build up
Emergency Root canal temporary: £145.00


Simple extraction £85.00
Surgical Extractions: from £130.00
Wisdom teeth: from £150.00



Zirconium/e.max £785.00
Porcelain-bonded crown £660.00
Porcelain veneers (each) £785.00
Post and core: £191.00
Recement crown: £56.00


Bridge Work:

Bonded Porcelain/Zirconian (conventional) per unit: £660.00
Recement bridge: £73.00



Single Bicon Dental implant (including crown on top): £3,300.00
All-on-four: POA


Full dentures (plastic):

Full upper/full lower: £820.00
Full upper or lower: £425.00


Partial Dentures (plastic):

One to three teeth: £475.00
Four to eight teeth: £525.00
Nine to twelve teeth: £600.00
Flexidenture: £600.00


Metal dentures (cobalt chrome):

One to three teeth £860.00
Four to twelve teeth £960.00

Cosmetic Dentistry:

Whitening/bleaching: £420.00 – £490.00
Additional syringes: £25.00/one
Internal bleaching: £300.00
Upper & lower fixed braces: from £3,000.00
Invisalign: from £4,000.00
Composite bonding: POA
Smile makeover: POA


Facial Aesthetics


Botulinum Injections:

One area: £220.00
Two area: £280.00
Three areas: £320.00
Masseters: £300.00


Hydro booster:

From per area or – £200.00
course of three treatments £700.00


All payment is required on the day treatment is carried out. Cash, major credit cards, and cheques are accepted. Most patients having extended courses of treatment will have issued to them a computer generated treatment plan with costs. For very large costly treatments requiring extensive restorations and many appointments, a written estimate and details of treatment will be provided to the patient. Estimates given are valid for three months.

Our fees are very reasonable and highly competitive, and are well below the recommended fee scale as set out by the Dental Professionals Association fee scale for London. If you have any queries or comments regarding your treatments, your fees or any other matter, we are always willing to discuss it with you. Please speak to your dentist, the practice manager or any other member of staff.


Interest free credit

We offer 6, 10 and 12 months interest-free credit through Tabeo Finance. Patients can have their treatment costs spread out through the finance company over an affordable term with interest.

Available only for treatments over £1,500.

Interest bearing credit finance

Available for amounts over £1,500. 12, 24 and 36 months with Tabeo Finance.

Patient finance agreement

If your dentist has asked you to complete a patient finance agreement, download it here:

NHS Treatment

We have a contract with Lewisham Primary Care Trust to only provide NHS dentistry to the following patients:

  • Any children and full-time students under 19 years of age
  • Pensioners who receive guaranteed pension credit
  • Pregnant women
  • Mothers with maternity exemption certificates
  • Those in receipt of tax credits and their partners
  • Those in receipt of Income Support and their partners
  • Those on income-based job seekers allowance and their partners
  • Holders of valid HC2 certificates
  • Those receiving Employment and Support Allowance
  • Universal Credit
Interest bearing credit finance

Patients on a low income can apply for free NHS treatment through the HS Low Income Scheme. Find out more at the NHSBSA website.


Missed NHS appointments and last minute cancellations

Dental practices are small independent businesses with fixed overheads and costs in order to care for patients. Surgery time is therefore costly and this is paid for out of patient treatment fees received. The NHS dental service does not pay for this last time. Patients who fail their appointments cause a significant drain on overheads and management of appointments and deprive other patients who are keen to attend for their dental needs.

Out of normal surgery hours, you can phone and cancel appointments by leaving a message on the answer machine. You must give 24 working day hours to cancel. Cancelling by phone on a weekend for a Monday appointment is unacceptable and will be liable to charges. From time to time we reserve the right to ask for evidence of the reason of a late cancellation or failure to attend.

NHS patients

Patients who fail two appointments without good reason will have to pay a reappointment administration charge of £27 to cover our extra admin costs. On arrival to the new appointment and after an examination, and if eligible will be reinstated to receive NHS care.

Private patients

Patients who fail two appointments without good reason will have to pay a reappointment administration charge of £27 to cover our extra admin costs. There may also be the added cost of paying for the lost time at £25 for every 15 minutes surgery time that is lost. This will be at the discretion of the dentist and practice manager. We will do our utmost endeavour to mitigate all charges by trying to book other patients in the time lost but this may not be possible at short notice.